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News Archive: March 2013

Exploration Underway

20th March2013

Exploration of the ancient settlement of Tell Khaiber started this week. A team of six British and four Iraqi archaeologists began investigations at the southern mound (Tell Khaiber 1) where satellite images showed the presence of large buildings at least four thousand years old. The first couple of days were spent on collecting all the various equipment needed to start, from special hand-picks that were made to order in the Nasiriyah suq to water containers. The nearby canal was bridged to provide better access to the site. Workmen also had to be hired and all the equipment tested. The archaeologists will be recording everything straight to computer, and both software and hardware needs to work in the windy and dusty conditions. The immediate priority has been to try and learn more about the settlement at Tell Khaiber before actual excavation ... Read More »