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News Archive: January 2014

Expanding the Excavations

28th January2014

Excavations resumed at Tell Khaiber on January 12. The team is much larger team this year: eleven archaeologists and other specialists from the UK are working with four Iraqi colleagues from the State Board for Antiquities and Heritage. Later on we will be joined by a conservator and an archaeobotanical specialist. We will also be in the field for twice as long as last year – almost three months! At Tell Khaiber. we have started to expand our investigation of the major public building and to probe a second building a short distance away. Starting in January rather than March has a distinct advantage: the mud-brick walls are showing up very clearly due to increased moisture in the soil. Consequently we are spending the first three weeks clearing the mound surface to reveal as much of the plan as possible ... Read More »

Tell Khaiber in London

1st January2014

The Iraq Humanitarian Dialogue Foundation in London hosted a lecture on Tell Khaiber in December 2013. The HDF was set up in 2007 by Sayyid Hussein al-Sadr, and is dedicated to promoting understanding and reconciliation between Iraq’s many communities. Its headquarters at Salam House is a meeting place for the widest range of ideas and individuals interested in Iraq. This was the first public talk about the project, and as Iraq’s ancient heritage is something common to all Iraqis, this was really the ideal place to start. Jane Moon was introduced by well-known Iraqi artist Rashad Salim, of Tigris Expedition fame, and there was an excellent turnout. It was both gratifying and appropriate that the audience was predominantly Iraqi. There were many insightful and challenging question and comments, and discussion continued until late around a welcome bowl of teshrib and ... Read More »