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Generating research opportunities

26th April 2014

Pottery excavation
Encouraging and facilitating new research into Iraq’s exciting past is an important element of the project, so we are delighted to announce the first PhD study to be associated with Tell Khaiber.  This will be by Daniel Calderbank, who recently completed his Master’s degree at the University of Manchester, and joined the team this year, working on the ceramics. Pottery comes in large quantities at Tell Khaiber, and he recorded over 60,000 sherds and around 100 complete or near- complete pots.

Daniel has now won funding from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council for a PhD on the Old Babylonian pottery from Tell Khaiber. The University of Manchester has also awarded him one of its President’s Doctoral Scholarships, which “give the most outstanding students from across the UK and from around the world a foundation to support research training with prominent academics”.

We are really pleased to have one of Britain’s top young archaeology scholars working with us.